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Doctors for Diabetic Foot Care in Huntsville, Alabama

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Do I Need Special Foot Care?

If you have diabetes, high blood sugar levels can affect many of your body’s natural functions, including your nerves and circulation. This is why ingrown toenails, sores, blisters and other issues on your feet may go unnoticed for long periods. In this case, infections and other problems can grow and lead to serious health risks. That’s why you should practice proper diabetic foot care habits and hygiene.

Building Proper Habits

The best way to remain healthy is to build and maintain proper habits to care for your own feet. These include inspecting your feet daily, washing them with soap and warm water, drying them after a wash, keeping them moist with lotion (not between the toes, however), wearing properly fitting shoes, trimming your toenails by cutting straight across and more.
Lastly, when you do notice an issue, do not try to address it yourself. Call Huntsville Podiatry Center PC to schedule your visit today.

Signs You Need a Professional Diagnosis

Even with nerve damage, there are several symptoms you may notice that signal it is time for a professional medical exam. Burning, pain, itching or stinging are common signs of a problem in your feet. Losing sensitivity to heat or cold is also a clear indicator that something is wrong. Moreover, if you observe sores, blisters, ulcers, infections or red spots that are not healing on their own, seek our help as soon as possible.

Effective Treatments You Can Trust

When you notice an issue or area of discomfort, schedule a visit with our highly trained team. The doctors at Huntsville Podiatry Center PC are ready to put you at ease with trustworthy diagnoses and effective treatments. Your health is not worth waiting until small issues become big headaches or even threatening risks. Swing by our office to keep your feet healthy, happy and strong.